Test Preparation

Test taking strategies are offered for the math sections of the ISEE, SSAT, and the SHSAT as well as the Algebra/Geometry/Algebra 2 & Trig/Living Environment/Chemistry New York State Regents Exams.

Below are 8 quick strategies that I recommend using:

  1. Use a three column method for creating a study guide. Column 1 should have a word/math rule. Column 2 should have a description of the word/math rule. Column 3 should have an example of the word/math rule.
  2. Write out the steps for solving the problem or the equations you will need at the top of your paper. Then, refer back to the list of steps or equations during the test.
  3. Another option is to write a checklist of 3 concepts that you want to check for at the end of your exam. For example, a negative times a negative is a positive or the inverse of multiplication is division. Then, when you are done with your test, check it over to see if you included those three things.
  4. Know your accommodations. If you qualify for extra time, test reader, or the use of a graphing calculator, make sure you use these accommodations..
  5. Talk to yourself or use your inner voice while showing your work. If you don’t have a scribe, imagine you are explaining the steps for solving a problem to someone as you write or draw out the math problem.
  6. If you have a word problem, use an Attack Strategy such as RUN or DOTS.
  7. Stick with the problem. It’s tempting to want to solve a problem quickly in our heads or to give our best guess. Slow down. It’s ok to take your time solving the problem if it means that you’ll get it right.
  8. Take a deep breath to relax your brain and increase your focus.

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