NYC City Council

Juliet is always demonstrating her desire to help her students excel scholastically and to be concerned citizens and stewards of the environment. She has proven herself as a dedicated teacher. She has gone so far as to organize trips for her students to represent their school at the Student Congress for Climate Change and Conservation in Washington, D.C.

In the past three years, Juliet has been a returning volunteer with the City Council’s Participatory Budget Project (PBP) in the district I represent. As a dedicated volunteer member, Ms. Crupi not only supports the long term goals for her school, but has also collaborated and advocated for projects submitted by other schools; including an Engineering Lab, improved internet access for communications, and a restored playground for a local elementary school. Additionally, Juliet has invited our PBP facilitators to visit her classroom to increase student understanding of how the City Council operates, and how students can work to build community awareness.

Through her initiative and leadership in the field of education, I highly recommend Juliet Crupi.

U.S. Department of the Interior

Ms. Crupi was selected as a cohort leader at the Student Climate and Conservation Congress (Sc3) based on her superb work. Her presence enriches the experience of talented students.

Michelle Obama

Thank you letter from First Lady Michelle Obama in response to a note on a project the students completed that was inspired by her school lunch program.

Jane Goodall & Students on Air with Katie Couric


“Congratulations to both you and [our daughter]! She received an “ A “ in both Algebra II and Chemistry for the fall semester.
Thank you again!”

“Thanks for everything Juliet! [Our son] got 100 on his last physics quiz! You were so kind and helpful.”

“[Our daughter] couldn’t have done this without all of your support, patience and help. Thank you!!! No matter the hi or lows of Geometry this year, she always said it was her favorite class!”

“You have been a TREMENDOUS help all year… Thanks again.”

“We want to express our appreciation for your commitment to [our son] and his work. You have approached his tutoring with individualized and thoughtful effort.   We see a difference in his math interest and learning.  Thank you!”

“Thanks so much for all your work with [our son] this year. Chemistry was hands down his favorite course this year second only to gym.”