Careers that Motivate: Ep. 2 Jupiter and the Giraffe

Meet Suzannah Mahala and Samuel Gregory, Founders of Jupiter And The Giraffe. In this video, they discuss what it’s like running a brand strategy and design studio. They both discovered they had dyslexia and ADHD later in life and found strategies for completing schoolwork that continue to help them as professionals.

Careers that Motivate: Ep.1 Tribes Adventure Group

Watch Abe Bland, CEO and Founder of Tribes Adventure Group, discuss what it’s like growing up with ADHD, finding his strengths, and choosing a non-traditional path. He’s served in the Australian Army Reserve and takes at-risk youth on outdoor adventures.

Things Never to Say to Someone with a Disability

In this video, we review nine statements that can be considered insulting by someone with a disability.

How Students Process Math Instruction

In this video, we review the difference between conceptual understanding, declarative knowledge (memory), procedural knowledge, and problem solving.

Adventurely Interview

Interview with Juliet Exams for the Adventurely series, Meet The Nomads. Juliet speaks on tutoring as a digital nomad at the Dojo Co-Working space in Canguu, Bali.